Network Cabling

Commercial core network infrastructure

What is Network Cabling?

Traditionally a commercial property would have a wide range of cables running around the building for different equipment including Telephones, PC’s and CCTV cameras. Today all of these devices plus many more can run over the same style network cabling.

Depending on your specific requirements there are a range of Network Cabling options available below are a few or the most popular products we provide:

Copper Ethernet: This covers the most common types of network cabling such as Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 which all utilise four pairs of copper wire with varying degrees of twists and insulation. Typically copper will carry speeds between 100Mbps and 10 Gbps and can be run over distance of up to 100 meters.

Speed: 100Mbps – 10Gbps

Distance: Up to 100m

Delivery: Copper pairs

Fibre: Fibre Optical Cabling is completely different to copper as it transmits data by using light rather than electrical signals. Using light to transfer data means Fibre isn’t susceptible to electrical interference in the way copper is. Fibre can also be run over much further distances, up to 2KM. And with speeds of up to 40Gbps fibre is the fastest method for transferring data.

Speed: Up to 40Gbps

Distance: Up to 2KM

Delivery: Fibre Optical Cable

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Key Benefits of Chiltern Data Cabling

Reliabilty: Full testing is carried out on our cabling installations to ensure maximum performance

Experience: Chiltern have over 30 years experience installing and maintaining commercial cabling infrastructures all over the UK