Access Control

Securing and managing access to your premises

What is Access Control?


It’s vital for all businesses large and small to have a safe and secure working environment, to protect both staff, assets and your premises. A Chiltern Access system gives you that security and enables you to record, monitor and control movement around your building.

Access control gives you the ability to control firstly, who has access to your premises. Secondly, where in your premises certain people are allowed to access and finally when they are allowed to access these areas.

Say for example, your cleaning staff arrive at 05:00am every Tuesday and need to access every room except the server room. In this scenario these staff members can be issued a swipe card, key fob, access code or even use bio-metrics (finger print or retinal scan) to grant them access to these locations between say 05:00am and 06:00am on Tuesday mornings. These access methods would be programmed to deny access outside of these times.

Meanwhile, your admin staff may need access to the main office but no other areas between Monday to Friday, 09:00am to 17:00pm. These select staff members can be issued tokens or codes to facilitate this.

In short, everyone can have bespoke access rights, that can be amended and monitored at the click of a button.

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Our teams have tried and tested many solutions over the years and continue to trial new technologies to ensure we always have the best products to offer our customers. As with all our solutions, we have carefully selected the manufacturers of access and door entry systems we use to enable us to provide the best package for every customers unique requirements.


Paxton Access is our preferred manufacturer of door entry equipment. However our engineers are fully trained and experienced with many other products, including the below:

Access Control Manufacturers

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Key Benefits of Access Control

Security: Giving your company the added security to manage and monitor access to your building

Control: Giving you the ability to control when and where people can enter your building at the touch of a button

Simple: With a Chiltern Access System you can manage building access from easy to use software

Flexibility: Unlike with keys, Chiltern Access Solutions enable you to adjust when and where staff and guests can access at any time