Wireless networking for every business

What is WiFi?

WiFi is the wireless transfer of data across a network, where PC’s are traditionally patched into a network with a cable, Chiltern Business WiFi allows the same connections to be made wirelessly.

Everything requires an network connection these days from our phones and PC’s to our light bulbs and refrigerators. This is why Chiltern have invested considerable time into researching the best wireless networking solutions available, and now use this knowledge to provide bespoke packages for customers all over the UK.

WLAN Speed: Wireless Local Area Network speeds up to 1300Mbps

Wireless: Connect all your network devices seamlessly, without any wires

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Key Benefits of Chiltern Business WiFi

Reliabilty: Full testing is carried out on our WiFi installations to ensure maximum performance

Experience: Chiltern have over 10 years experience installing and maintaining commercial WiFi infrastructures all over the UK