SIP Trunks

The direct replacement for ISDN

What is a SIP Trunk?


SIP Trunks are a direct replacement for products like ISDN, connecting your telephony to the outsideworld via the internet

With thousands of organisations across the UK already benefiting from the advantages of SIP Trunking, it’s a well established and reliable product, suitable for every business large or small.

Chiltern Telecom


Firstly, what is SIP? SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and it’s used as a method for transporting voice traffic over a network.

Secondly, what are trunks? A trunk is another word for a line or channel, traditionally you would have had a telephone line or an ISDN channel, now you would have a SIP Trunk.

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Key Benefits of Chiltern SIP Trunks

Features: We offer a huge range of features including Call Recording, Voicemail and Auto Attendants

Scalable: There is no limit to the number of SIP trunks you can assign to your account

Simple: With our easy-to-use Web Portal you can manage call routing from anywhere

Flexibility: SIP Trunks can be directed to any geographical location

Compatibility: Our SIP Trunks are compatible with all the major PBX manufacturers including:

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