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Traditional Lines and VOIP

Hosted VOIP

Hosted VOIP is our most popular solution offering unrivaled flexibility, a wide selection of hardware options and huge functionality. To find out more and if Hosted VOIP is right for you, click here.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are VOIP lines that can be used on most modern PBX phone systems as a direct replacement for traditional PSTN and ISDN. This means you can utilize your existing equipment and still upgrade to VOIP. To find out more and if SIP Trunks are right for you, click here.

Analogue and Digital

This covers both PSTN and ISDN services, both of which are due to be switched off as of 2025. To find out more and how this may effect your business click here.

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Additional Services

Chiltern Mobile

Chiltern Mobile covers our mobile phone and sim only plans, with flexible contract terms and competitive rates. To find out more and how your business could benefit from a Chiltern Mobile plan, click here.

Maintenance & Support

Chiltern Telecom has been providing maintenance and support for a wide range of telephony equipment for over 30 years, we have team of experienced engineers and a friendly support team ready to help ensure continuity of service for all your business communications. To find out more and how Chiltern can help support your business, click here.

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