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What is Hosted VOIP?


Hosted VOIP is the new platform for telephony, quickly taking over from traditional methods such as analogue lines and ISDN. But how does it work?



Many businesses have been using VoIP for some time… Industry estimates suggest that there are now more than one million active VoIP users in the UK and take-up growth is forecast to continue.


Firstly, what does Hosted mean?

Hosted is a term you’ll hear used for numerous technologies, for example Hosted Storage, Hosted Services and Hosted Telephony. Hosted (also called cloud) just means something is stored on a remote server and accessed via the internet.

Secondly, what does VOIP mean?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, in short this means we send our voice over the internet in small files called packets, just like we send emails and texts.


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Chiltern Hosted Packages

We have carefully designed a handful of packages, with varying features and options for you to choose from. Alternatively we have a specialist team on hand, ready to build a bespoke solution that is perfect for your company’s unique requirements.

One of the advantages of Hosted VOIP of course is that additional features can be added at any stage, within minutes and without the need for additional equipment.

Standard User

If you’re looking for a the latest technology, and all the security and scalability that comes with it but don’t yet require all of the frills and advanced features, a Standard User offers all the features necessary to get you up and running plus the following:

Online Portal

Speed Dial

Busy Lamp Fields

Inbound CLI

Call log

HD Voice

Prices from £8.99
Advanced User

If you need a bit more from your phone system, the Advanced User subscription offers everything from Standard, plus these additional features:

Choice of Free Telephone

Auto Attendant

Free UK national and mobile calls



Prices from £11.99
Super User

For those requiring more features or a more mobile solution then the Super User includes everything from the Standard and Advanced packages plus the following:

Call Recording

Mobile App

Call Centre

Call Queuing

Prices from £15.99

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Key Benefits of Hosted VOIP

Features: We offer a huge range of features including Call Recording, Voicemail and Conferencing

Scalable: With our Hosted VOIP package you can expand as and when you need, without limits

Simple: With easy-to-use Web Portal you can manage configuration changes from anywhere

Flexibility: Not only do we offer a wide range of hardware but also Mobile and Desktop applications