Manufacturers of high quality IP based business equipment for over 15 years

Who are Grandstream?

Grandstream Networks Inc are an innovative and award winning communications manufacturer headquartered in Boston, USA.

For more than 15 years, Grandstream have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality and reliable IP products. From their IP PBX range to their Networking Solutions and Facility Access Solutions, Grandstream has become a name synonymous with quality innovation.

Grandstream Products


The UCM range of IP PBX is an incredibly powerful platform boasting voice, video and data capabilities. Supporting up to 2000 SIP extensions and 200 concurrent calls.

Integrating seamlessly with a range of other products including CCTV, Door Entry and Tannoy Systems.

Featuring SIP, ISDN and Analogue trunk support, giving full flexibility for legacy products whilst being fully future proof.

Network Solutions

Grandstream offer a wide range of quality, secure network solutions. From Gigabit Routers and WiFi Access Points to their Cloud Management platform for streamlined monitoring and maintenance.

Facility Management

Grandstream have a wide range of Facility Management solutions including HD CCTV, Door Entry Units, Intercom and Paging. As with all of their products, the Facility Management solutions from Grandstream are of the highest quality.

All of this makes Grandstream an incredible manufacturer, for all your business solutions.

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Grandstream Corporate Factsheet PDF  PDF File

Grandstream GXP16 Quick User Guide PDF File

Grandstream GXP21 Quick User Guide PDF File

Grandstream GXV3240 Quick User Guide PDF File

Grandstream GXV3370 Quick User Guide PDF File

Grandstream DP720 Quick User Guide  PDF File

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Key Benefits of Grandstream

Quality – High quality products across the board

Flexibility – IP PBX Supports Analogue Trunks, ISDN30 and SIP trunks at the same time.

Unity – Full integration between all systems including IP PBX, CCTV, Door Entry and Intercoms