Temperature Screening

Thermal Screening Camera

Fast, Safe and Smart

Thermal temperature screening solutions for your business with Thermographic Cameras.

With our Thermographic Camera solutions, you can detect increased skin temperature in an instant, for a contact-free, preliminary thermal screening on entry to your building with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

Key Features:
  • Fast – Skin temperature detection in 1 second.
  • Fast – Simultaneous detection of multiple targets.
  • Safe – Contact-free preliminary thermal screening.
  • Smart – Immediate alarm notification to staff.
  • Smart – Reduce false alarms from non human targets using AI Detection



Turret/Bullet Camera + Laptop (Accuracy ±0.5°C)

Turret/Bullet Camera

Turret/Bullet Camera + Black Body Calibrator + Laptop (Accuracy ±0.3°C)

Turret/Bullet Camera + Black Body Calibrator

Handheld Camera + App (Accuracy ±0.5°C)

Handheld Camera








Fast, Safe and Smart

Using any of the above solutions you can receive instant alerts (to a mobile app or pc/laptop) of increased body temperature upon entry to your building.

With multi person simultaneous screening and AI technology for more accurate results our Thermographic camera solutions are a brilliant preliminary first line of defense to help ensure the safety of your staff, customers and your business.

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