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You’re not the only one thinking “No more internet jargon, please!”
When it comes to business fibre broadband it seems there’s no end to the terminology and products flying around. So first off, let’s have a quick look at some and break them down to clear things up…


Fast Broadband (ADSL)

“Standard Broadband”

The most readily available connection in the UK, delivered over a copper telephone line with download speeds up to 24Mbps.


Superfast (FTTC)

“Standard Business Fibre Broadband”

Fibre To The Cabinet is most common type of fibre connection in the UK. Fibre is run from the BT exchange to the local street cabinets (green boxes) and then swaps to a copper telephone line from the cabinet to your building. This offers speeds of up to 76Mbps.


Ultrafast (G.Fast)

“Business Fibre Broadband, but better…”

G.Fast utilises a similar transport as the aforementioned FTTC, but with new technology. In short, G.Fast is a turbocharged FTTC connection offering speeds of up to 300Mbps.


Ultrafast (FTTP)

“Full Business Fibre Broadband!”

Fibre To The Premises is exactly what is says on the tin – That is a fibre optic cable all the way from the exchange to your premises. Offering massive speeds of up to 1Gbps! However, because of the additional infrastructure required this product is currently far less available across the UK than FTTC or G.Fast.

Still with me?
In every day terms please?
  • With an Ultrafast G.Fast connection (300 Mbps) you can download a full HD movie in as little as two minutes and a song in less than half a second!
  • Whereas a good FTTC connection (76 Mbps) you can download a full HD movie in less than twelve minutes and a song in a little under a second.
  • And with a good ADSL connection (17Mbps) you can download a film in a little under an hour and a song in about a second.

How fast is my internet now?

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What speeds can my business reach?

Now the fun bit and the reason we’re all here! To find out what speeds your business could be reaching,you can use our broadband availability tool. Click the below link and enter your postcode we can show you what connectivity is available for your business.

Broadband Availability Checker


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